About Us

Experience and trust are not something to be gained overnight. Being in business for over 60 years has gained Casey Concrete a reputation we are proud of. Started in 1952 as E.L.Casey Construction Ltd., Casey Concrete has established a record of growth and progress that places the company as a leader in the concrete industry. Experience in all aspects of concrete construction; ready-mix, block and precast allows Casey Concrete to supply more to your project. 

Being a third generation family owned business means that the tradition of customer service and working in the communities we live is part of who we are. Casey Concrete supports the communities it helps to build.

From your back doorstep to a multimillion dollar highway project, Casey Concrete aims to exceed expectations. No matter the size of the job, we can customize our products and services to meet your specifications.


Bruce Casey
Truro – President
Steven Casey
Amherst – V.P. Operations
Peter Casey
Amherst - V.P. Sales
Albert Gibson
Truro – Special Projects
Kraig Morris
Amherst/Block - Manager
Michel Vienneau
New Brunswick –Regional Manager
Ben Dobson
Trenton/Antigonish - Manager
Logan Shaw
Truro/Milford - Manager