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Ready-Mix Concrete

Casey Concrete has developed reliable concrete mix designs, tested in Atlantic Canada, for all applications. We have standard mixes that are proven to work under a variety of applications, I.e. driveways, house walls and commercial applications. We also develop custom mix designs for specialized projects.

All common and specialized concrete admixtures are available from any of our locations. Including, but not limited to; superplasticizers, reinforcing fibers, accelerators, hardeners and colouring.

Concrete is generally sold by its compressive strength after curing.

The most common strengths are:

  • 20 MPA (3000 PSI)
  • 25 MPA (3500 PSI)
  • 28 MPA (4000 PSI)
  • 30 MPA (4500 PSI)
  • 35 MPA (5000 PSI)

Please contact us to discuss your project, we can help to ensure that you are using the right concrete mix for the application.

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